God Awful

I don’t think I’ll stay the night

cause things about you don’t seem right 

and now I know without a question 

they make all the rules 

take your pick you have no options 

pray to god with all your problems

did you think that he could solve them?

I know he can’t    

with our backs all up against the wall

with no escape from the city  

I know that things won’t change 

do your best to forget me

cigarettes they stain my teeth 

and my skin burns up from summer heat

I don't think I'll make it through the winter

I know I won't 

I hope the cameras break in place 

the news reporters blur my face

to save you from the images 

you won’t see 

I swear I’ve done all I can do

I made you proud I fought it through 

but now it’s time for me to go

you won’t see

In Between 

the dead bolts on the door

the windows all locked shut

what did you end up there for

so you told me to come pick you up 

and take you far away

I said ok 

you are the one you know things haven't changed 

and I can't seem to say the things I want to say

cause I know it’s not alright to speak my mind 

the mattress on the floor 

you painted all the walls 

the neighbors always waging war 

what could all it mean

I can’t balance in between 

when the heat shut off and water leaked up from above your house so we

spent our days up in your room till it no longer rained

we found a way 

come with me

we’ll go our own way 

I cannot let you leave this time

I cannot let you leave

and all the things i’ve said

have somehow fucked me in the end

Even In Death 

the truth escapes your lips 

and it hits my ears 

I see the image of 

your body laying in the ground 

was I not enough 

was I just too much 

I see the image of 

my body laying next to yours

cause I am nothing now you're gone 

oh as the chorus goes 

I'll write you into song 

and as these words repeat 

it’s keeping you alive

can we decide our fate

with no ill intent 

I see the image of 

everyone I know embrace again 

maybe there is no light 

in your world of dark 

I see the image of…

you’re safe and sound I promise

your body’s free to live in peace 

oh as the chorus goes 

I'll write you into song 

and as these words repeat 

it’s keeping you alive

who am I without 

the one I write about 

oh as the story goes 

I’ll see you once again 

the jewels that you left on the edge of your bed  

I returned them to you like you asked 

the rings and the bracelets will never go wasted 

you’re beautiful even in death  

the truth escapes my lips 

and I hope you hear 

I see the image of

one day we’ll love again