Your Clothes

Hide away things, they say

I know you'll end up blaming every single thing on me anyway

Fall apart, no one will know

I see you nervous when you feel me ripping at your clothes

You and me, have something I'm afraid to hide

and my conscience could burn

a hole through my brain

And maybe, you're the only good left in my veins

Follow me where I walk, I wanna take you to a place where we're alone so I can hear you talk

Put your mouth right on mine, I wanna prove that I'm a total waste of all your time

I can't fix you, I can't fix me, I can't. I don't need it, I don't this, you do. I can't lose you, I don't want this. Take it away from me

Come Home

Heard everything on the first floor

Where they said you were rushed

From your front door

So please tell me where

Ran up the stairs in a heartbeat

Where I read off your name from a time-sheet

So please tell me where

What an awful curse to see you at your worst

So come home now

(I'm not fine, I'm not what I say I am)

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(I've lost hope, I've lost hope in everything)

With your tiny frame I swore I'd block the pain

So come home now

Lost everything with a mistake

Thinking back all the times that you had faith

So please tell me where

If I could stand up taller than the tallest of the trees

Would you treat me like a big brother?

I gave you all the time I had

But you wanted more, I did my best so why bother?

Right Choice

I feel it now and it won't stop

Take me back to the place where we first start

(lie awake thinking, bad thoughts keep creeping)

I'm so ashamed of that one night

Put your hands on my eyes just to block the light

(hiding in the seems)

You call me up on the phone

And you tell me you're leaving

What can I take to stop from feeling

A sea in my path that I can't swim

All the strength that we had starts to wear thin

(falling out of grace, memories are misplaced)

Time takes a toll as we both know

Trampled on, broken down, nothing left to show

(regrets all sink in, underneath my skin)

You call me up on the phone

(no, I'm not the right choice)

And you tell me you're leaving

(I gave you nothing that you wanted)

What can I take to stop from feeling

(I gave you nothing that you wanted)

Are my hands too weak to break

The ties you made won't go away

I can't find the words to make you stay

Are there some who made it through

Without a scratch, without a bruise?

Let's make a toast to ones who ran away

You call me up on the phone

And you tell me you're leaving

What can I do to show I need

Way It Was

I heard you kicked holes in your apartment

They came to pick you up off the floor

You said you've been alright since we last talked

I guess I don't know you anymore

I'm finding out its not the way it was

Just not the way it was

Do I believe what you said, was it all true?

I'm longing for the comfort of home

I've lost touch with the people I know

I heard you filled up the bath with poison

It ripped of the skin on both your legs

You said you were stranded there with no help

I guess you were all too proud to beg

There's a fine line separating ones you love

From the ones you keep just to have someone

And I'm alone now

Came to terms with thinking I'm the one to blame

Cause I fill my voids with mistakes I make

And I'm alone now

Death Deserves A Name

Witnessing feeling of your discontent

While I try to mull it over all inside my head

I can't rebuild this mess I made

Distance between us has been so confined

Just the sound of your voice puts fire to my spine

I walked away

I might never fall back asleep

Losing myself thinking of that place

The words you said when you saw my face

It's all been done

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Finding it hard to forget her name

If I'm the stray, who's the one to blame?

It's all be done

Listing the problems that I should of known

Thought you said you would be fine

If you were on your own

I won't be there to catch your fall

Can I please undo what I've done

A death deserves a name, I've got all my life to bare this pain