Foreign Language (feat. Adam Lazzara)

stay the same 

you’re gonna throw it all away 

play the game

the bottom’s where you’re gonna lay

pick a sound, do it right

same old message every night

weren’t we promised more?


get in line

glorify monotony 

do your time

crucify integrity 

listen up, hear me now

this has got to stop 


weren't we promised more?


I’d rather fucking hang myself 

Filthy Rich (feat. Spencer Pollard)

I plead the 5th

it’s all I could do 

you left a trace 


I signed the bill 

and covered your name

oh, what a waste 


is blood really thicker than the water you drink? 

and was I your first choice or did you have to think?

swearing on the book, you didn’t know it was wrong 

well it made you filthy rich, I guess you knew all along 

your god complex, I’m not impressed 

I saw what you became  


I can play the perfect part in your game

(hey man what's really going on here?)

it’s not my place to critique any words that you say

(I’m not sure but it’s really seeming unclear)

the power of the pen is mightier than the sword: an arms race

but don’t you stick your fucking check in my face


think about it, could it be you?

if the tables were to turn, 

would you know what to do?

looked me in the eyes, stabbed me right in the back

I was in the courtroom while you were counting your stacks    

your god complex, I’m not impressed 

I saw what you became  


obviously running out of patience 

let’s just face it 

tables turned I know you couldn’t take it 

let’s just face it 


we’re relatives, but we can’t relate 

I’m nothing like you and I never will be

burn in hell 


coming home

working late

driving tired

asked me where I was going then said I was lying 

what could I do? 

from the big bad boys in blue

pulled me real close and then told me 


put your hands up

high in the air 

or we’ll shoot

you right in ya head

don’t speak

not a sound

you’ll be 

dead in the ground 


on the hood 

face smashed up like a rat

called for backup, who knows when he’ll attack 

one word, threw me right to the floor

he said, “Don't make me tell you again boy”  


you’re all a bunch of murderers 

Power (feat. Frank Carter)

power to all the people

rise on up to stop the evil 

heard it once now here's the sequel 

we must stop to fight the evil power

look into your brother's eyes

the man in the street who's terrorized

day in day out by the civilized

because we can't admit the lies of power


Molotov’s and bricks and rocks 

baseball bats Kalashnikovs 

Knives and ropes and riot shields 

Razor wire and mortar shells

When this is what your power brings 

These are a few of my favourite things.


listen to your sister's screams

force fed by your American dreams 

the politicians scam and scheme

destroy the system by the seams with power


fight the lies that breed injustice

fight the lies no hero saved us

fight to live the words you practice

fight to give the people back power


28 years the evil power still remains

Sour (feat. Drew Dijorio)

all the press what a mess

it went sour

found a cheat nothing more 

than a coward 

lock him up lock him up 

they yelled louder

the blind will lead the blind right off the…  


I don’t wanna make amends 

I don't wanna to be your friend. 

I just want to burn it down 




speak out or be part of the problem 

stand up, got the numbers to stop them 

what’s the value of truth does it come with a price? 

so I suggest that we all burn it down 


stash the cash rob the purse 

hide it under 

bucket seats in the car 

of your mother’s 

big shot big shot

they called your brother 

he came to bail you out but crashed into the side of the…. 


I don't wanna bring you love 

I don't wanna kiss and hug 

I just wanna let you down




speak out or be part of the problem 

stand up, got the numbers to stop them 

what’s the value of truth does it come with a price? 

and I've been trying to get it right 

got off with some minor offenses 

a quick death never heard a confession 

how much guilt do you feel? does it cut like a knife?

so I suggest that we all burn it down 


you’re pitiful

you’re cynical 

from high on top your pedestal  

and if I had my way, I swear I’d spit at you

you’re out of luck, without a buck 

guess you weren’t rich enough 

the papers say you’ll rot away 

you ungrateful fuck




does it have to be like this?


suffer through you paid the rent

guided by the most ignorant 

but you look good at your work event


does it have to be like this?


now a days it makes you proud

all the zeros in your bank account 

what's the deal bud, the man got you down?


does it have to be like this?


a better life but this ain't it

you’re nothing more than a selfish pig

you fuckin prick 


money is the root of all evil

but it makes you feel so right

stack it high 

the honeys come easy

they be keeping you up all night

so you wanna stay up all night?

do you wanna stay up all night?



was your family the one to blame?

they the type to make you go so insane? 

cheer up pal, at least you got your fame


does it have to be like this?


all the years of discontent 

money hungry with your ignorance

I hope you’re still rich when you’re fucking dead


so you think you’re better than me huh?

do you think you’re better than me punk?

what makes you better than me?

now it’s time

to put your money where your mouth is

motherfucker fix your face or get smacked in it