What Have We Done?


they’re the ones out for blood so protect your young 

mouth to mouth stole the air from inside their lungs 

tried to hide in disguise couldn’t see the truth 

now i know i can feel the evil in you


what have we done who have we become 

help me, there’s nowhere to run 

make up your mind or be pushed aside 

help me, there’s nowhere to hide 

no one is safe


cracked a smile when they tried to get me to crack 

don’t they know i’m the one who stabbed them in the back

it took sometime to realize, no sympathy for you and i

now i can finally feel the evil in me

we’re all evil 


wear the mask all the time makes mistakes in your prime

all the reasons you can’t seem to make it right 

drink away all your crimes 

take your pills snort your lines 

let the evil creep in and it will

break you down

My Queen


pull the shade and trap the light in

illuminate the room so i can see your face 

i need to hear it in person 

i need to know it was worth it 


took the risk and came on over 

keeping count of everything i didn’t say 

heard your breathing get lower 

the room was getting smaller as you


threw your arms around me way too fast

what did it really mean?

and questioned if i thought it all would last

will it all last?

blocking out our future with my past 

what does it really mean?

if ignorance is bliss, then why’d you ask 

if it still haunts me

it still haunts me


hung the pictures that you painted 

hallucinations of a love that was never there 

i felt you start getting nervous 

you put a gloss on the surface of my

favorite thing you ever drew

said it needed more

shaded in the grays

and then you hung it on your door

if nothing’s ever finished it ends up on the floor 

just like we did 


think about it when i’m falling asleep 

all the parts of you that i couldn’t keep 

my nightmares torment me much worse

the longer you’re not here

i keep my energy the lowest i can

and try and think about where all this began

for heaven’s sake could i forget 

that you found someone new


i hope to god you’re haunted by this too

“sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong times”

i am jet lagged from nights of over sleeping 

i am not sure about the woman i’ve been seeing 

i don’t say the things i often mean 


locked down imprisoned by my own thoughts 

i am dead broke can money buy my time back

I don't say the things i often mean

the writings on the photo that you gave to me

is all i have left 


the message that i read is that you still believe 

you wrote it on the picture of both you and me 

i said i had to go you said you don’t agree 

with broken glass beneath my feet 

why did I leave?


i am homesick from sleeping on the floor boards 

i am up late with memories i can’t ignore 

I don’t say the things i often mean


i threw away the photo that you gave to me

Hell in a Handbasket 

have a party at my funeral where no one has to grieve 

drink and dance the night away where no one dares to leave 

don’t make me turn this car around

i’m driving us into the ground 

so i pedal to the metal as the engine kicks and screams

push it to the limit till it runs right out of steam

i fade away in cruise control

the distance starts to take its toll on me 

so let’s start again 


wake me up i’m not getting younger 

hurry up i can’t wait much longer 

how long will i wait 

someone take me out of my misery 


in the middle of the night is where it seems to hurt the most

morning brings the light again but it’s still getting worse 

i drive into the desert sun 

mirage of all the bad i’ve done 

in my travels i have left a trail of breadcrumbs, hidden in clues 

words within the lyrics that i wish were never true 

i fade away in cruise control 

the distance finally takes its toll on me 

so let’s start again


does anyone remember the ones in second place

this failure seeps into my veins 

will i be remembered for songs i didn't write

i fade away and lose control 


save me from myself 

my worst enemy 

Congratulations, Christopher Hodge 


the scars remain

i gave up trying to stitch or patch them up

they’re on display 

for everyone to use it how they want

it all repeats 

the plays go up on the songs that cut you deep

they want it all 

their prying eyes 

just waiting till you fall 


all of the seasons 

all of the days 

all of the reasons 

i felt this way 

so long 

all of the records 

all of the shows 

all of the nights 

where i sang those words

so long 


the iron fist 

it holds you down and it never bares the gift

oh what a shame

a passing trend

they’ll soon forget my name 

the lights went dark 

a bastard son that could never hit the mark 

or fit the frame

the more things changed

the more they stayed the same


when i look into the mirror I decide myself 

can’t muster up the courage to ask for help

these problems keep appearing 

it’s clear i’ve hit the ceiling 


who could ask for more than their name in lights

i guess i’m something like a giant afraid of heights 

i’m searching for a meaning

reality is fleeting  

splitting headache

i’m paralyzed 

it’s like a war zone inside my mind


all for nothing

Malicious 444


noticing you noticing me

gather up all your things it's time to leave 

i gotta know if it's something that i can't forget

can i rip my brain out straight from my head 

noticing me noticing you

gather up all the things inside your room we gotta go

if it's something that i will regret 

can i rip my heart out straight from my chest 

cause i know it's almost time for you to say goodbye 


is there anymore compassion

or distractions from the pain we always feel

and everything will come down crashing 

and show us that we’re all one in the same 


noticing them noticing us 

gather up the debris and all the rust 

they gotta know it was cracked underneath the foundation 

we drown in the sin with no hope of salvation 


noticing us noticing them 

gather up all the love of all your friends 

we were fucked from the time of creation 

the devils come and we’re his for the taking 


hope is nothing but a virus it keeps you in check 

hate is nothing but a prison like hands around your neck 


always the same


it's time for you to say goodbye

Not the Way it Was 


welcome to the end of time

i’m here to give you some peace of mind

together we’ll conquer, divided we’ll fall

i’m here to tell you we’ve lost it all


swallow your pride cause there is nothing left 

count all your blessings with each passing breath 

show them your weakness, the kingdom will fall

i’m here to tell them, you can’t kill us all

this is it boys, this is war

cause i can’t take it anymore


can we take an oath?

to never give up hope,

we’ll make it on our own


you and i

walking through the night to find the light 

so we, walk around this town like king and queen

make a scene for anyone that sees

you and i

watching on the news

the world’s abuse

so we don’t believe no matter what they say 

can’t escape, the evil’s here to stay


money, power, god, and greed

kill thy neighbor your enemy, 

together they conquered divided us all

i’m here tell you, to break down the walls

this is it boys, guns up high

none of us get left behind 


so who will tie the rope?

it’s hard to do alone


finding out

it’s not the way it was 


Amnesia 666


an empty house awaits 

a drive home way too late 

you said 

"i'm losing sight of all the things i knew"

it's clear

you'll never run away

is it different now you’re grown?

can you fall asleep alone?

you said 

"i'm feeling every day get worse and worse"

it's clear 

that you're the one to blame


will you notice me?

silent like a thief 


i sit and wonder about all those things you said 

were you my lover? and did i love her?

a fool i was to ever think you were the one 

nowhere in the world to go 

no place just to call your own 


your consequence awaits 

your ignorance will break you down

you said 

"i close my eyes and wish for better days"

it's clear

you're never gonna change 

you made it 50 years 

what's maybe 50 more

you said 

"the devil took my life and let it burn" 

it's clear 

that you ignite the flame 


this time it was different 

she said it she meant it

let’s rewrite the pages 

together correct it

and add a few chapters 

suspense is the answer 

we’ll make it alright 

forever your anchor




we looked through photos of the past 

and we come to terms with

how good we all had it back then

as if we hadn’t noticed
countless years of countless fights

always left me hanging on

we cut them up and threw them out to forget

if you blame your past for everything

the past is all you’ll ever be

i'll show you what it's like to be alone 

it's all i’ve ever known

my oldest friend don't leave me

please don't leave me hanging on

i drive into the town we left 

and i come to notice

it chewed us up and spat us out

and made us lose our focus

countless years of countless fights 

where i held on way too long

these are the cards that we were dealt to forget

if you blame your past for everything 

i swear it's all you’ll ever be

deserving more but i keep giving you less 

i know its hard and i keep causing you stress 

its slowing us all down we’re swallowed by this town 

throwing dice behind the alley at night

to try and pay the rent but nothing goes right

it's slowing us all down we’re swallowed by this town

i blame the past for everything i am

i can't hide it


Winter of Cicada 


i made some plans

and wrote them down

for both of us 

they’re in a book

beneath my bed

with a photo on the front 


the pages read

of things we’d see

the ones you wanted most

i’d take you to the places that

i always said we’d go


how can i be sure it gets better 

i’ve written every word every letter 


i just want to be wherever you are

sure i can be whatever you want

i know it’s harder to give than to get

you get what you give

and that’s it 


a kid i was

a teenager  

a foolish one  


the polo shirt

i’d always wear

you begged me to rip up


you pierced my nose

i shaved your head

you came to all my shows

and everyone one would always say 

"don’t ever let her go"


you just need me

but i wasn’t there

i know i never treated you fair

and how much longer 

will i regret 

taking the bet 

that you’d quit 


so rip me apart 

and put me right back

how you want


you just needed me


so how can i maintain 

you occupy my brain 

but still i wait for you 

it's the best that i can do


so dress me head to toe

prepare me for the cold 

the longest winter yet

forever in regret